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 +====== Checklist for Applicants of new COST Actions ======
 +Before submitting your Full Proposal, please check it against the following items:
 +  * Confirming to the title page template given in the Template 
 +  * Respecting the formatting guidelines 
 +  * Respecting the indicated structure of the draft Technical Annex 
 +  * Presenting the text in a logical way, avoiding unnecessary repetition between the different sections 
 +  * Respecting the word limits 
 +  * Language check 
 +  * Spell check 
 +  * Use of capital letters for COST-specific and Action-related expressions; non-exhaustive list: Action, Action Chair, Management Committee, Working Group, STSM (Short-Term Scientific Mission), Steering Group, etc. 
 +  * Explaining all acronyms (including those commonly used in the Framework Programme context) 
 +  * Use of "Europe" or "COST Countries" when referring to the overall geographical scope of COST. "European Union" or "EU Member States" should only be used to refer to the EU as a player ("EU legislation", "EU programmes", "EU policies" etc) or when only EU Member State(s) need to be explicitly mentioned, excluding COST Countries not members of EU 
 +  * Use of "framework" or "scheme" when referring to COST (COST is an intergovernmental framework, not an "EU instrument", although it is funded by the Framework Programme) 
 +  * No mentioning of individual scientists, institutes or organisations 
 +  * Avoiding pronouns such as “I”, “we”; rather use “the Action” 
 +  * Avoiding expressions such as “planned” or “proposed” when referring to the Action; rather use “aims at”, “will”, etc. 
 +  * Avoiding unsubstantiated "value judgements" (neutrality of research) or "overstatements" (regarding the potential/importance of the Action) 
 +  * Proper quoting of standard texts (Part A: main objectives; part E: commitment to gender balance and involvement of early-stage researchers; part G: economic dimension) 
 +  * Proper calculation of the economic dimension in part G 
 +  * Clarity and comprehensibility (also for non-specialist readers) 
 +  * Addressing all indicated items
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